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Badminton Court

BVE Sessions

Training & Freeplay Sessions

Our new regular schedule will start from September 5th 2022 in the new Sports building.

- Tuesday: 21:00-23:00 | Hall 2 (Beginners training) 

                 21:00-23:00 | Hall 3 (Advanced training)

                 (The joint warm-up will take place at Hall 2 at 21:00)
- Friday:    20:00-23:00 | Hall 2 (Freeplay)
- Sunday:  12:00-15:00 | Hall 3 (Freeplay/Competition)


You need a sportpass to enter the Erasmus sports building. Even if you are already a member, but still waiting for a sportpass to be made. You must have it.

Try out

If you like to try out for a training or freeplay, you need to contact us first. We will check if you're a member or have permission from one of the board members for a try out. Otherwise we are obligated to send you out.


If you have a racket, please bring it with you to a try out. If you become a member, we recommend to buy your own.

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