Open Training

September 4, 11 & 18*

For all (new) students, we organize three open trainings at the start of the year. This is a good opportunity to get to know our club or a new sport. The open trainings are free and accessible for everyone! All you need to bring is your sporty outfit and a positive mind. Don’t forget to tag along your buddies too!

First come = first serve! If you don’t have your own badminton equipment, we can lend them to you. Keep in mind that we have a limited amount of badminton rackets ├índ a limited amount of courts. This means that we can’t let everyone join our trainings if there are too many people. So if you’re joining on either of these three dates, please click on the attending button on our Facebook event-page

Time: 9PM – 11PM
Location: Sports Hall 1, Erasmus Sport

*For the ones who have been playing badminton for a couple of years, we offer an ADVANCED open training on 18th of September.