Social Activities

Welcoming Drinks – Date TBA
We want to start the season 2018/2019 of with a kick! We are organizing a drink for all our members to celebrate the start of the new season. Come and have a chat with us, play fun games and get to know our members of the club.

Cycling Dinner – Date TBA
Our yearly event Cycling Dinner is coming up again. Cycling Dinner is the event of the season where you can meet all your fellow club members, see how they live, cook and eat together, and just have fun.

The idea is that you work in pairs of two people. Every couple makes a starter, or a main dish, or a desert. The other two dishes you eat at another couples place. (so f.e. if you cook main dish, you eat starter and desert at two different locations). This way you can visit your club members at home, have nice social chats and get to meet your fellow badminton players on a different occasion. All you need is a bicycle to move from one location to the other. Car, scooter, donkey, camel, segway, and public transport are not allowed! Only bicycle.

If you want to participate, please ensure you are a registered member for the season 2018/2019, and reply to
When you want to participate let us know:
· If you have any allergies
· If you are vegetarian
· If your house / room / basement / rooftop is available for cooking and eating. The more cozy, the more fun!

So what if you don’t have a bike?
1. Perfect opportunity to buy one. This is holland, and a bike is almost part of life.
2. Ask someone to borrow a bike
3. Hire an OV-fiets at central station for one night

So not having a bike is not an excuse to not participate
Hope to see you all then! Its going to be lots of fun again!