Burgemeester Oudlaan 50

Social Activities


Oktober 2021: Cycling Dinner

The idea is that you work in pairs of two (or three) people. Every couple makes a starter, OR a main dish, OR a dessert. You will eat the remaining two courses at another couples’ place. This way you can visit your clubmembers at home, have nice social chats and get to meet your fellow badminton players on a different occasion.

All you need is a bicycle to move from one location to the other. Car, scooter, donkey, camel, segway, and public transport are NOT allowed! ONLY BICYCLES!

Hope to see you all then! Its going to be lots of fun again!

This event is only for BVE members! Sign up here: https://forms.gle/qT9cqbjRuhRh6k38A 



Previous activities:

September 2021: Social drinks!

The new season has started and loads of new members have registered; time to get to know the other BVE members while having a drink (and a blast)! We had lots of fun at Pardoen, with challenging activities and free food and drinks.