Season 17/18 – Open Training

Are you a newcomer to Rotterdam and/or are you just looking for a club to play Badminton? Then Join our Open Training sessions!

In September we will organize three Open Training sessions:
– Tuesday the 5th of September: 21:00 till 23:00 in Sportshall 1
– Tuesday the 12th of September: 21:00 till 23:00 in Sportshall 1
– Tuesday the 19th of September: 21:00 till 23:00 in Sportshall 1 (Advanced Players Training)

Join our Third training by going to our Facebook event:

During these open training sessions you will have the chance to meet our members, our trainer and get a feel about how things work at our club. The first two training sessions will be open for everyone! It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a badminton god, you are all welcome. The third open training will be for advanced players only. If you however can only make it to the third open training, we will not exclude anyone ofcourse! Just remember that the level of training will be a bit higher.

For these open training sessions you do not need a Erasmus Sport Card to enter the building. The access to the sports building will be free for any participant of the open training. Also do not worry about the shuttles as we will provide them. There is the opportunity to lend a racket, but keep in mind that we have limited rackets we can lend during the open training. So if you have a racket it is recommended to bring your own!

After the Training we will have a drink at the sports canteen and you are most welcome to join!

To give you a brief summary of our club:

We are a group of passionate badminton players and are also a tight family off the court. Our players vary from beginner to advanced and we like to mix every player from every level during our free play sessions. We like to have a good laugh and we organize social events every month. Our club consists of two mixed competition teams that are eager to win. We also like to attend lots of tournaments together. We train once a week and there is the opportunity for free play once a week. We always welcome new people to our club and we hope to see you become a member of our club in the future!

We hope to meet you at our open training!

If you have any more questions you can always send an email to

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