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Badmintonvereniging Erasmus
Badmintonvereniging Erasmus is the student badminton club where fun is combined with performance. Badminton players of any level are welcome to join our club, as there exists a great variation of playing level in our badminton players. Our members have a great passion for badminton and we are always in for some fun! Throughout the year we participate in many tournaments together and off the court we are one big BVE family. We always welcome new members to our club and we hope to see you join our team as well!

Practical Information
During the week we have training on Tuesdays and there are free play sessions on Fridays. The training takes place in Sportshall 1 at Erasmus Sport from 9pm till 11pm for advanced players. Beginnerstraining takes place on Tuesday from 9:30pm till 21pm. The Free Play sessions take place in Sportshall 2 from 9pm till 11pm in Sportshall 2. During the training we will provide shuttles. If you still do not have a badminton racket, you can lend one from us. However it is recommended to purchase your own racket in the long term. During the free play sessions there will be the opportunity to play matches. Every one brings their own shuttles. We like to mix everything up during the free play sessions, so don’t be scared to play with the more advanced players. It will only make you better!

If you have any question you can always send an email to bestuur@bverasmus.nl